Europe: Elections and decision-making

Join us, and your fellow International Relations Study Association members, for an interactive afternoon on the 21st of February to learn more about the European Parliament, the European elections and EU decision-making!

These are times with pressing challenges for the European Union. With the United Kingdom planning to leave the European Union, migration creating division in the EU and pressing issues such as data protection and climate change, the upcoming elections of May 2019 are more crucial than ever. Unfortunately, voter turnout for the European elections has always been rather low. Therefore we need your help. Already more than 150.000 people have registered to, a platform to raise awareness about the elections, to organise events and to recruit volunteers.

In addition to a brief session on the EP elections we will offer you a workshop on EU decision-making. During a simulation of the “Chocolate Directive”, you will step in the role of a European Commission official proposing the directive, a critical MEP that serves the interest of the voters, or the responsible minister at the Council of the EU that seeks approval from his or her national government.

We will ensure that you are briefed in advance (just like in real negotiations) so that we can have a fun negotiation session! Please bring your notes from “international negotiation”. Yes, we encourage you to use your newly acquired negotiation skills….

Drinks and bites will follow the event, where you can connect with two alumni currently working at the Europe House, Thijs Bonenkamp and Lisa Gorter. Moreover, we want to discuss with you how you can help promoting the European Elections.

Please make sure to register before 20 February.

See you on the 21st!




Office of the European Parliament
Korte Vijverberg 5
The Hague 2513 AB


Lisa Gorter

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