Registration event | University Leiden, campus The Hague

A group of enthusiast volunteers decided to organise a registration event at the University of Leiden, campus The Hague, on March 6th. These students informed their fellow international students about their voting rights during the European elections.

Non-Dutch EU citizens can vote during the European elections, however, many expats and international students are not aware of the rules and deadlines of the voting process. There are two options for non-Dutch EU citizens: they can either vote for a candidate of their home country or vote for a Dutch candidate.

By using an iPad, leaflets and the Y32 form (a form needed if you want to vote for a Dutch candidate if you are a non-Dutch EU citizen), our volunteers informed many interested fellow students and teachers about their rights in the Dutch voting system as well as the rules for voter registration in their home country.

The day started with three volunteers. At the end of the day, seven more had joined the event and helped to inform others!

Do you want to know how you can vote in another EU member state? Go to for more information!

Are you an EU-citizen, do you live in the Netherlands and do you want to vote for a Dutch candidate? You can then ask for the Y32 form at the municipality you are registered in. Please be aware that the deadline for handing in the filled form at your municipality is Tuesday 9 April.